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 These two galleries contain photographs and films made by the Rev. Taylor.

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Like many self taught artists, Taylor used his tools and talents to capture the world around him.  He also used the same opportunities to learn how to use his equipment.  As a result, his prolific talents resulted in a prodigious amount of material.

For this exhibit we have organized the materials into SEE Photos: Personal, Places, Portraits and SEE Films: Religious, Community, and Business.  Taylor explored and documented his world.  This includes his life as a man of the church, as an artist and entrepreneur working in his home studio, and as a citizen who captured historic moments in the segregated African American community of his time.

Our efforts to archive and properly identify this immense treasure requires the ongoing dedication of our staff, sponsors and people like you.  Much of our information is gathered by hearing from individuals, friends and relatives of those who lived in the Memphis area and around the same time as Taylor.  If you can add to our knowledge about Taylor and what Taylor Made, please take a moment to contact us through the e-mail links next to the items in the galleries.

Our mission to preserve, defend and protect the music, culture, arts, and rhythms of the South is embodied by our efforts to archive and share the work, art and life of Rev. Taylor.  Please consider making a donation today to support the every day appreciation, examination and celebration of our heritage.

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The Center for Southern Folklore has selected a group of Taylor photographs from our archives to be available for sale for the first time in decades.  These images are available individually or as a boxed set.

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